About US


Let me just start by congratulating you!
If you're reading this, that's because you have already started to think Outside the Box!
It is a sign that you want to evolve, that you want to stop being a slave to the system, and you are willing to learn from us the best ways to earn money online.
"Thinking Outside the Box" is our motto! We are not here to "sell you dreams" nor "promise to change your life", but you can learn from us the techniques to manage your investment in a cost- effective way at the lowest possible risk.
So, we'll introduce you to TeamMoneyFreedom.

Who are we?

A group of investors with more than 13 years of experience on the online investments market, that are not afraid to take risks to have a better quality of life. We know that this is the only way to say goodbye to the daily routine of going to work to make money.
We are qualified to analyse/select the best investments, so that you’ll be able to invest at low risk and ensure a financial profitability that fits your expectations.
With our help you can learn how to invest, making money work for you and not the other way.
We are not attached to any type of company. Any opportunities like cryptocurrency, multilevel marketing or investment companies are welcome to our portfolio. Be sure you can always find something that suits your profile.

Keep reading if our vision is starting to make sense to you...
We will help you to invest teaching you when and how you should manage your bankroll.

Do you know what a bankroll is?

It is the capital/fund you define for your investments.
You must now that it has to be an amount that you do not need and that you are willing to risk/lose.

Is your bankroll low?

No problem at all. This is where TeamMoneyFreedom makes a difference. We give you the possibility to invest in group, earning a percentage corresponding to the capital you invested. As we invest together the possibility of gains is higher because the invested global capital is higher too.

Why should you invest in group?

Because the vast majority of businesses give higher profits for those who invest high amounts.
If you can’t or you do not want to invest high amounts by yourself, the profit you’ll receive for your investment will be low. In the other hand, if you invest in group, the total amount invested will be higher, so profitability increases, as well as your profit.
This allow us to reduce the risk and recover the invested amount faster.


We share the affiliate/referral link from our group accounts, and all new registrations commissions will be divided by all members of that specific investment.

But wait, you’re one of those persons who like the Risk? GREAT!!

We always have proposals for adventurous and fearless investors. If you want to invest individually you could do it too.

Is it mandatory to invite other persons, sell or contact anyone?

No, because we are mainly investors. However, if you like to develop a team from any investment/company you could do it. It’s up to you!

If your FEAR of LOSING overrides your WILL to WIN, then these investments are NOT FOR YOU!!

If on the other hand you would like to try taking advantage of the technology era, you could start with a small investment.
We are here to simplify.
Opportunities always appear and disappear. The responsibility to grab them or not is up to you. You’ll learn to think by your own means.
As we said earlier, we do not promise to change your life, but we can give you the tools and our know-how so that you can autonomously build your own investments portfolio.

Are you willing to try?

Sometimes there's no next time, sometimes there are no second chances, sometimes it's now or never

Bob Marley